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10 Trusted Wholesale Dropshippers in India 2020 / 2021

Dropshipping in India is becoming more popular every day as many are delving into it due to its growing profit potentials. And there are lots of dropshipping companies being formed with the aim of meeting the needs of resellers. These 10 Trusted Wholesale Dropshippers in India 2020 / 2021 offers not only the best quality product but also at an affordable prices.

Different categories of dropshipping companies.

1. The ones that connect manufacturers and resellers.
2. Companies that deal in various products.

It’s very essential that you understand everything about dropshippers especially in India if you want to be a successful reseller. To get the information you need, you don’t have to go far because this article will be helping you out with all the necessary details needed about the best wholesale Dropshippers in India.

Dropshipping Marketplaces in India

The fast growth that’s being experienced in Indian industries is motivating the formation of new companies such as the fashion industry which has been able to earn about $400m annually and the smartphone industry in India which recorded over 50 million unit of phones shipped out in 2020.

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With this booming nature of the phone industry and the constant innovations that’s being introduced into the market, there is no doubt that it will be worth billions of dollars in a few years time.

10 Trusted Wholesale Dropshippers in India 2020 / 2021

List of 10 Wholesale Dropshippers In India

There are lots of wholesale dropshipping companies in India but some of them may not be able to meet your needs in the best way possible this making us to write this comprehensive List of 10 trusted Wholesale Dropshippers in India 2020 / 2021 which have proven to deliver on their claims over the years.

1. Bluember
2. Baapstore
3. India Mart
4. TradeIndia
5. JimTrade
6. TradeFord
7. Exporters India
8. Webdealindia
9. Hothaat
10. Snazzyway


This company is one of the best dropshipping companies in India 2020 / 2021 and certainly is one of the first to come into existence in the country. The ability to provide fully automated dropshipping services has made the country not just popular in India but in the world.. Bluember helps to connect suppliers with resellers and also access to different categories of products to choose from. Resellers are able to brand their goods through this website.


Baapstore is another trusted dropshipping company in India that’s dedicated to dropshipping. I’d recommend this dropshipper for those searching for some of the trusted Wholesale Dropshippers India and a platform to get access to different types of products that you can be dropshipped for profits.

Their partnering with top brands such as Speed Post, Aramax, Ecom Express, FedEx and Delhivery have enabled them to get items delivered in a timely manner to buyers.

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This company has been mentioned in several articles as one of the most trusted dropshipping company in India. Using this site, you will not struggle to order or find suppliers that will offer you products of your choice as their are various competitive sellers.

They also have product categories for jewelries, building & construction, fashion, furniture, electronics and others. You have access to thousands of suppliers to choose from once you sign in to this site.


TradeIndia was founded in 1996 as a business to business platform for resellers and buyers.

This company ensures that dropshippers have access to trusted suppliers no matter where they are, so they have lots of suppliers in their database to meet your dropshipping needs and the interesting part is that it is absolutely free to join.


JimTrade makes it a priority that dropshippers have access to lots of products, most especially Indian products from Indian manufacturers. This dropshipper is also a business to business platform for dropshippers and suppliers from India.


Another our 10 trusted wholesale dropshipper in India 2020 / 2021 is TradeFord. Using this company gives you as a dropshipper access to different products that have gone through various quality checks to ensure that they meet up to required standards. The site will also give you access to many manufacturers and suppliers of various categories of products including Indian pharmacy dropshippers.


ExportersIndia is another business to business portal that connects Indian suppliers and manufacturers with potential resellers from all over the world and it is absolutely free to join with lots of benefits attached to being a reseller on this platform.

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This wholesale dropshipper is an Indian online wholeslae marketplace for different manufacturers from not just India but other countries of the world to display their products. Webdealindia also grants dropshippers access to big premium companies in the world.


Hothaat was founded in 2012 as an online modern dropshipping outfits in India where dropshippers can make. One of the benefits of using this company is that it ensures dropshippers don’t have any problem selling products which are from its platform.


This list won’t be complete without mentioning Snazzyway a top company that specializes in providing dropshippers with access to different lingeries. It has perfected its niche over the years by making sure that only fashion lingerie that meets their standard is available to dropshippers.

10 Trusted Wholesale Dropshippers in India 2020 / 2021

Challenges of Dropshipping In India

Despite the above 10 trusted wholesale dropshippers in India 2020 / 2021 , there are still many challenges that’s associated with dropshipping in India. It is important to take note of these problems and ignore them in the best way possible.

1. Lack Of Exposure
2. Low quality of integration
3. Lack of support system

Lack of Exposure

Some of the best dropshipping companies in India are not fully exposed to the dropshipping concept and they lack the knowledge and skill required to do dropshipping on an international level which therefore limit’s their activities limited.

Poor Integration

Some of the dropshipper websites haven’t been integrated with the best top ecommerce websites around the world

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