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5 best wholesale junior clothing vendors in China/UK/USA

For those looking for ways to boost business sales, this article lists the 5 best wholesale junior clothing vendors in China/UK/USA, tips to wholesale junior clothing and why wholesale junior clothes.

Our listed 5 best wholesale junior clothing vendors in China/UK/USA plays a very important role in making sure that your business gets a constant supply of wholesale junior’s apparel at the right time and best price.

Why should I invest in junior clothing?

There are so many good reasons as to why you should invest in junior clothes.

In 2020, the clothing market in the USA has a very positive signal according to Statista data and the market size is projected to grow from US$225billion to US$285 billion from 2021 to 2025 at a rate of 2%.

In USA, the Junior clothing wholesale business is a venture worth investing because of the foreseeable rapid wholesale clothing market growth.

5 best wholesale junior clothing vendors in China/UK/USA

5 best wholesale junior clothing vendors in China/UK/USA

1. Chinabrands
2. CC Wholesale
3. Dhgate
4. Walmart
5. JD Sports
6. Ami ClubWear
7. Uclerstore
8. Etsy
9. eBay

Chinabrands (Dropship/Wholesale Junior Clothes Online)

In 2021, Chinabrands is the world’s leading junior dress online wholesale supplier and dropshipper with largest distribution network with access to over 200 countries across all the continents

Why is Chinabrands the world’s number one wholesale supplier?

1. Zero MOQ- in Chinabrands, evert wholesaler, trader or distributor can operate his/her store without any inventory.

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2. 24hr delivery service – Chinabrands is Incorporated with the most reliable shipping companies with best automated drop shipping tool.

3. The CB points- every registered member of Chinabrands is eligible to receive CB Points which are redeemed on the next purchase.

4. High-quality products- Chinabrands is dedicated to offering product to the users.

Dhgate – Cheap Junior wholesale clothing

Dhgate is a wholesale Ecommerce website for consumer goods and it’s the leading supplier of Chinese products with over 33 million products listed on the website, over 10 million buyers and access to 230 countries and regions.

The company is the leading supplier of cheap junior wholesale clothing in UK with a standard shipment period of 2-5 working days

Walmart – best Junior Clothes

If you’re thinking of Wholesale clothing vendors or junior plus wholesale clothing under $5, I suggest you consider Walmart as their best wholesale supplier.

Generally, Walmart is a wholesale supplier and retailer for all products both the cheap and expensive ones.

JDSports.com – Best Junior sports clothes website

JDSports is the largest sports clothes wholesale supplier in 2021for all ages and gender. With JDSports, you will find all the worlds’ famous brands that’s suitable for every customer.

The company boosts of Standard deliveries that are done within 3 to 5 working days and no minimum order requirement is needed.

Ami ClubWear – Best Cheap junior clothing and Trendy Junior clothes website

Ami ClubWear was founded in 2004 in the city of Los Angeles and is popularly known for junior celebrity clothing.

The company is designed to provide all junior clothing wholesale vendors with cheap and trendy clothes to female customers. And orders are processed within 2 business days and 4 to business days for deliveries

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Tips to Wholesale Junior Clothing Business

1. Age & Size
2. Pricing
3. Design
4. Marketplace

In business, high returns of income equals to business success. Take your store to the next level by following the tips listed below

Age & Size

Your customers always expect the size of the clothes they ordered to match their exact age and size. But the only exception to that expectations is the junior wholesale clothing, so specify it well.


All Junior clothes tend to be high priced but there are manufacturers and designers of cheaper clothes that you can get for your store. The cheaper your items, the greater the sales.


Every customers have different cloth styles, designs and colour. You’ll have to to accommodate all these customers by balancing the variety and the amount of stock available on your store.


Your main customers should determine the clothes you will sell. It’s very important to study your majority age buyers and their location.

5 best wholesale junior clothing vendors in China/UK/USA

4 online marketplaces to sell wholesale junior clothing in China

As one of the largest apparel market in the world, running clothes business in China is a great idea. I listed 4 platforms where you can sell wholesale junior clothing are the places to wholesale;

1. Shein
2. TB Dress
3. Rosegal
4. Maxuce.com

The Best Wholesale Junior Clothing in the USA?

USA has the highest number of youth making it a great opportunity for clothes wholesalers. Here are best people to wholesale junior clothes

1. Duluth Trading company, Lands’ End
2. Chinabrands.com, Doba
3. Orange Shine
4. Dhgate
5. AliExpress

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Where to sell Wholesale Junior Clothing in India?

India is definitely not been left behind in the business of wholesale selling of junior clothes as their marketplaces has expanded over the past years.

1. Surat Textile market
2. Bara Bazaar
3. Indiamart
4. Shop4Shop
5. Chinabrands

Where to Sell Wholesale Junior Clothing in the UK?

There are many clothes wholesale buyers waiting for your supplies in UK. Here are the best and suitable places are to sell Wholesale junior clothing in UK

1. Citygoddess.co.uk
2. Catwalk Wholesale
3. Lush Clothing
4. Missi Clothing
5. Stylewise Direct

Additional Tips

There are high number of junior clothing wholesale vendors advertising their businesses on the internet, social media and many billboards but only few of them can sustain the constant bulk orders for all junior clothes ages

From statistics, the list of wholesale junior clothing suppliers above can fulfil any customer’s requirements and will meet all your needs.

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