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Best mini importation businesses in Nigeria in 2021

Are you thinking of best mini importation businesses in Nigeria in 2021 but are confused about the trending products, best selling and profitable products to start with? Well, I will show you the best mini importation businesses in Nigeria in 2021 and profitable products.

In Nigeria, Mini importation business and dropshipping are the 2 goldmines in the ecommerce industry for smart entrepreneurs and many entrepreneurs are making millions from these businesses.

As of 2020/2021, they are one of the most profitable businesses in Nigeria and it has the tendency of being one of the great business ideas in Nigeria in the future.

Dropshipping involves making sales without having r buying any physical products. It only require you to create an Ecommerce website and partner with people who have the products you want to add to the site and ensure that they’ll be able to ship the goods when someone makes an order. While mini importation business in Nigeria requires you to gather some capital and buy products that will return high profit to you.

Best mini importation businesses in Nigeria in 2021

Best mini importation businesses in Nigeria in 2021

1. Shoes
2. Bags
3. Phones and Gadgets
4. Clothing
5. Slime
6. Waist trainers
7. Home Utensils
8. Jewelries


Not just in Nigeria but the global world, shoes are a necessary commodity. So long as humans are born with bare foots, shoes will always remain an essential commodity for human survival.

One good thing about importing shoes in Nigeria is the wide varieties that are available on offer and putting things into broader perspective, we’ve male and female dress shoes from which other types of shoes originates from.

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When you decide to start a mini importation of shoes, choose from the wide array of shoe types, size, gender type and focus mainly on that. Focusing on one type of shoe makes it easier to channel all resources towards it.


Just as shoes, in Nigeria, bags are on high demand there have been an increased demand in bags in the past decade from the females.

The demand for bags seems high in 2021 and it’s going to continually be on the rise, so a smart importer can cash in on this lucrative business and make money without sweat.

Phones and Gadgets

The world has gone digital, so mobile phones have gone beyond nust making phone calls and texts. Today, a smartphone can be used as camera/video recorder, mp3 player, scanner and many more.

In close future, more features will be added to it. One good thing about this business is that technology grows daily so don’t get shocked out when you’re told your next smartphone comes with highly sophisticated features that’s beyond your imagination.

Nigerians don’t seem to get enough of their smartphones, some have two, three and more, even kids these days now owns a smartphone. Many people also get tired of using a particular smartphone.

2021 is the best time to start mini importation of smartphones in Nigeria because of the high demand and you can make good profit in the process.


We all wear clothes and we like to stock a wide variety of clothing in our wardrobes.
Also People change clothes often and some do perform a wardrobe overhaul at some point.

Mini importation of clothing products is quite different from the usual sale of clothes you may be used to.

In mini importation business, you can easily update your store by replacing old products with new ones, replace old trends with current trends and this is done for free. While in the conventional retail or wholesaling of clothes, once you’ve bought your products from the manufacturer, you’ll need to buy again to update your trends even if you’re left with old stock.


Slime is a really nice product and one of the most sort after product in dropshipping in Nigeria. There are different types of slime one can choose from; Fluffy slime, cleaning slime, popping slime, Glow-in-the-dark slime, Borax-free slime, and Glitter slime. In 2021, slime is the most wanted products in the Ecommerce industry.

Waist Trainers

Waist trainer may be mistaken as posture correction belt but, it is different from posture corrector.

In Nigeria, ladies suffering from obesity want to have perfect body shape and so are ladies who want the curvy shape.

Currently, for mini importation, you can buy a waist trainer for as low as $10 and resell it for N10,000.

Jewelries and Cosmetics

We all know how ladies treats their makeups and always want to have the complete dressing and a matching jewelries.

So, if you’re thinking of going into dropshipping or mini importation business in 2021, you can consider these 2 hot selling products.

Home Utensils

Home utensils consists of everything we’re using at home including the bathroom, kitchen and other part of a home.

In 2021, you can import products like toothbrush, pots, stoves or electric cooker, soap cases, towel, plastics, plates, jugs, cups, spoons, your extension box etc. You can either dropshipped or imported them from foreign countries.

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Additional Tips

The listed products above are the best mini importation businesses in Nigeria in 2021 that you can lay your hands on. They have seen a reasonable amount of demand in the 2021.

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I'm Ikechukwu Gideon, a Linguist by profession, Website programmer and an author with Tipsonfinance Website. I'm passionate about writing and providing useful information to the public.

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