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Best selling dropshipping products in Nigeria 2021

Today I’m going to help you through the Best selling dropshipping products in Nigeria 2021.

All our best selling dropshipping products in Nigeria 2021 were chosen from Google Trends, research from social media channels and from our team of experienced entrepreneurs..

Best selling dropshipping products in Nigeria 2021

Best selling dropshipping products in Nigeria 2021

1. Crystal Water Bottles
2. Microwave steam cleaner
3. Phone Holder
4. Dog jackets
5. Novelty pets
6. Gilet Vest
7. Steel straws
8. Chopper and slicer
9. Dispenser

Crystal Water Bottles

Crystal water bottles can be compared to regular water bottles only that they contain more water and are usually attached to the base of the bottle, which according to some people are believed to provide positive spiritual effects.

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Using Google Trends, we were able to validate this dropshipping product based on the volume of people who are searching for it and from what we got, crystal water bottles are one of the best selling dropshipping products in Nigeria 2021 .

Microwave Steam Cleaner

Another product on our list of unique dropshipping products to sell in 2021 is microwave steam cleaners.

The simplicity of microwave steam cleaner is what you should focus on when running your marketing campaigns. To Make things easier, you can create some video marketing campaigns on how this product works.

From our statistics, this kitchen utensil is going to be one of the top unique dropshipping products to sell in 2021.

Neck Phone Holder

Gadgets and phones are becoming more popular for both entrepreneurs and shoppers alike. And the industry is projected to be worth $107.3 billion by 2022.

Neck phone holder helps to ease the stress of holding your phone while watching videos, or video calling as it helps you to just place the clamp onto your neck and relax.

For marketing, I suggest making a video of this product demonstrating the benefits of neck phone holders

Dog Jackets

The pet industry is really growing big especially for dog products and from our statistics, more 60 million homes in the U.S. alone have a dog in 2020.

It may interest you to know that these figures are expected to increase in 2021 and according to Forbes analysis, one of the most popular gifts for pets is clothing, now you see why I added got dog jackets on the list of best selling dropshipping products in Nigeria 2021.

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Think of the marketing opportunities with these product can offer you and believe me, people going to click on those ads, especially if you place your targeting well

Novelty Pet Beds

Most pet lovers love to splash cash on their beloved furry friends and this is something which you can utilize as a dropshipper in 2021.

By taking a look at Google Trends data for 2020, we can see that pet beds have been popular over the past years.

Gilet Vests

About 90% of Ecommerce businesses across the globe are having huge success with clothing products.

As of 2018, the revenue figures for clothing jump to $317 billion.

In 2021, there’s opportunities for businesses to get involved in the men’s or women’s fashion clothing niche.

Gilet vests come in a variety of materials, and a range of styles, ensure to pick out the best products that your customers will love.

Stainless Steel Straws

In 2021, plastic will no longer be fantastic. And as a matter of fact, most businesses have started moving away from plastic products and many more could be going in 2021.

A smart dropshipper in 2021 will take the first step into this business opportunity. With stainless steel straws, you’ve got a burning hot topic and a large audience to cover.

Chopper Bowl & Slicers

Chefs and good cooks will agree that cutting up your ingredients before you start cooking is the most boring part especially after a long day at work when you’re already starving.

This products falls into the category of home and garden products.

If you can run this product with interesting marketing strategies, you’ll make a huge sells in 2021.

Novelty Soap Dispenser

Another best selling dropshipping products in Nigeria 2021 is novelty soap dispensers.

You’ll agree with me that there’s no doubt about these products being eye catching and they’re bought without much research especially when a shopper sees the product for the first time, you’ll have an easier time pricing them.

Best selling dropshipping products in Nigeria 2021

What Products Are in High Demands in Nigeria 2021

May be you want to add trending products to your online store, we took a peek at Google Trends data and found the following product categories are in high demand this year.

1. Shapewear Products
2. Weekly Planners
3. Cell Phone Accessories
4. Projector Screen
5. Posture Corrector

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