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Free online budgeting apps for saving in 2021

These best free online budgeting apps for saving in 2021 will help you plan your budget well and save more money even as you pay for other expenses. The listed apps will help you budget your resources.

To have a good budgeting, you need to have a clear head to avoid going over budget.

No body in this digital age goes about budgeting with paper and pen as one could easily lose thr pen or notepad.

In addition to the apps I’ll be listing here, it may interest you to know that some financial institutions provides online tools for budgeting. Check your banks within your region to see their available tools.

Free online budgeting apps for saving in 2021

The most credible budgeting tools in this time are those found online and some of them have been integrated with AI integrations to help you in making your budget. In this article, I have been able to compile the most effective best free budgeting apps for saving in 2021 and the good thing is that you can find them in any region and they’re very easy to use.

Free online budgeting apps for saving in 2021

Free online budgeting apps for saving in 2021

1.M 2. Pocketguard
3. Personal capital
4. Stanbic IBTC
5. Unsplurge
6. Savvymoney
7. Wally
8. Simple


Mint is one of the first free budget tools that came out in 2006 and ever since, it has helped over 20 million users plan their financial resources and saved a lot.

With Mint, you can link all your bank accounts to your Mint account and set your budget to updates automatically after every withdrawal or deposit. Based on your spending history and financial statement, It helps you analyse your expenses at time intervals.

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PocketGuard is another online application that helps you plan your budget and make good savings. The app connects your bank accounts direct to your budget accounts. Thanks to Its encryption, it protects your bank data from other third party agencies. In addition, PocketGuard helps you analyse your bills, debts, other payments and suggests ways through which you can make more savings.

Personal Capital

Another free efficient budgeting tools in 2021 is personal capital which is used for investment planning and retirement accounts. Using the investment tracking option on Personal Capital requires a token but apart from that, the registration and the use of the budgeting tools are free.

Stanbic IBTC

This budgeting app is best for those who want to manage all their finances and investments on one page.


Unsplurge helps you to manage your finances for a specific goal like investment, property or pleasure unlike other apps that’s for general-purpose budgeting. .

In addition to helping you keep track of your savings and spending, Unsplurge application gives you suggestions on how to manage your finances and boost your savings.


This app is best for those who wants a the best way to effect down payment of their debts and boost savings.

With the app, you’ll be able to understand your financial situation in order to carefully analyze your financial status and create plans for repaying your debts.

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SavvyMoney app also gives information on how to boost your payments and ease you off the financial stress.


The functions of Wally are solely based on financial and resource budgeting. Its functions are limited compared to other free online budgeting tools, however, it tracks income and expenses very well.

You can use the app to receive notifications for your bills due for payment and saving goals.


Simple is an online budgeting app that does more than manage your budget. The app is an electronic banking platform that can be substituted for your traditional bank account.

Apart from offering a safe to spend feature that lets users know when they can make extra expenditures asides from the ones previously included in the budget, Wally contains a feature that encourages users to continue saving.

Additional Tips

In 2021, the basic principle of budgeting still remains to not go over your budget no matter any of the free online budgeting tools for saving in 2021 you’re using.

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