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How to make him feel bad and apologise

Are your relationship going through a hard time, break up or you’re in a relationship and wonder how to make him feel bad and apologise for not treating you right ?, you’re in the right place.

One of things with guys is that most of the time they’re not aware of the fact that they did something wrong to you unless you show them. You know, like if you don’t freak out immediately, everything must be fine.

Naturally, women have a huge capacity to resist pain and go through enormous amounts of pain without saying a word. If you don’t say a word, he will continue living his life, thinking he hasn’t done anything wrong to you, and instead of him feeling sorry, it becomes the total opposite.

How to make him feel bad and apologise

How to make him feel bad and apologise for hurting you

1. Ignore his text and calls
2. Ignore his presence
3. Reply with monosyllabic words
4. Let him know that you don’t need him to live your best
5. Dress your best and have fun
6. Get rid of his giftings

Ignore his calls and texts

No matter the urge to tell him everything and make him suffer, that’s the worst thing you can do. The best rule is to Ignore his calls and texts.

When you text or call him, he’ll think that everything’s like it used to be, and you’re begging for an apology so don’t do that. Let him know that he hurt you and you’re not mad at him but rather you’re disappointed.

You’re perfectly aware of what happened, and you have every right to be disappointed but yelling at him will only mean you’re mad at him.

Ignore his presence

Maybe the two of you are living together or working in the same office, no matter what he does or say, ignore him until he owns up and apologises for his bad behavior.

Simply pretend that he doesn’t exist in your life anymore. Men are very sensitive when it comes to this as they can’t stand the fact that they are no longer wanted. This will start replaying scenes in his head in order to find the reason for your ignoring of him and to apologise for it.

Reply with monosyllabic words

Most men will tell you that they hate women replying them with ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.

When you keep talking with your normal sentence construction, he will think you’re just pissed off for some unknown reason and you will change your behavior with time but, if you reply with monosyllabic words, he will know and feel sorry for whatever he’s done to you.

Let him know that you don’t need him to live your best

No lady needs a man to survive but guys don’t seem to realize that.

Men live with the feeling of being needed by someone because that way they think they are above you. When you show your vulnerability and beg him to apologise or to come back to you, he may not do it because of pride but, if you show him that you don’t need him to survive and that you’re perfectly fine without him, he will instantly realize his mistakes.

Ignoring him will strike his ego and he will feel bad about himself.

Dress your best and have fun

There’s nothing more sexier to a man than a woman who knows how to have fun and enjoy life. By the time he sees you looking your best and having fun without him, it will drive him crazy because men are jealous when a woman knows how to have fun without them. Especially when you’re having fun and at the same time ignoring him.

Get rid of his giftings

One of the best things to do after a break up is to get rid of all of the items he ever gave to you because it will help you feel better.

You can dispose them by packing up all of his giftings and leave them in front of his doors or deliver them by mail.

Doing this will make him recollect all of the past moments when the two of you were together and it will strike him right into his head.

How to make him feel bad and apologise

Additional Tips On How to make him feel bad and apologise

Never get carried away by your desire to revenge and forgive whenever he apologizes unless you’re no more interested in the relationship but still forgive him and move on.

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