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How to make money as photography Blogger in 2021

You have taken great photos that both you and your friends love them but do you know that you can get paid to do what you love? Well I will show you how to make money as a photography Blogger in 2021.

There are so many ways you can turn your photos and photography skills into cash. In addition, having a wider audience will also increase your earnings.

How to make money as photography Blogger in 2021

How to make money as photography Blogger in 2021

1. Sell your images using stock photography Websites
2. Enter Photography competition
3. Run photography courses
4. Sell images on Online marketplaces
5. Sell photos on social media
6. Monitize your website

Sell Your Images Via Stock Photography Websites

Selling photos online is one of the best ways to make money and there are plenty of Websites where you can do this. But you take you great photos, time and effort to get there but once you have a good collection, you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy a passive income.

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These stock photography sites provide pictures for anyone looking to use royalty free images and a commission is paid to the photographer each time an image is used. Photos featuring people, activities and seasons tend to pay more than sunsets and flowers.

Well known stock photography websites to sell your photos as a photographer

1. Shutter stock
2. Fotolia
3. Getty Images
4. Stocksy
5. Alamy
6. Dreamstime
7. Foap app (iPhone or Android)

I’d recommend that you watch out for popular photos sections on these sites, so you can see what is in demand.

Enter Photography Competitions

There are several photography competitions with awesome prizes amounting to thousands of dollars. Some of these competitions are genre specific while some may be devoted to different photography themes and genres.

Not all of these competitions are free but there are also plenty of free contests. As well as cash prizes and opportunities to have your work seen by many which could lead to further selling opportunities.

Get yourself acquitted with some of these top photography competitions for 2021

1. iPhone Photography Awards
2. National Geographic Traveller
3. Nikon Small World for microscope photography enthusiasts.
4. Sony World Photography Awards for all genres.

These Websites will also help you to know what you are up against as they display their past winners on their websites.

Run Online Photography Courses

Photography is a skill that can take years to master and if you have paid your dues, why not share your skills with others for a fee?

Running a photographic class comes in a many forms; in person, online or through a written or video material.

Photography courses is blog niche that will draw people to you especially when you have a talent and have built up a huge fan base.

You can either run your photography course on your own photography website or you can use a dedicated course platform that will give you the tools to enable you to share your skills and reach your customers.

Most popular photography course Websites in 2020

1. Skillshare: I recommend trying out for free before signing up to the premium plan to run paid courses;
2. Udemy: You can become an approved instructor to run paid courses;
3. Thinkific: great for building a course from scratch; and
4. Ruzuku: You’ll get to interact with students via webinars.

Sell Images on Online Marketplaces

In 2021, one of the biggest challenges faced by photographers is how to make money with photography and getting your work seen.

Selling images on Online marketplaces is one of my recommended ways on how to make money as a photography Blogger in 2021.

I listed out some of the well known the site where you can sell your photos and reach more potential customers.

Popular online marketplaces for photography

1. Etsy: This is really a good place to start as they have a good customer base that’s ready to buy unique and handmade goods.
2. Photoshelter: This Website allows you to build your own online shop using one of their nine website templates.
3. Ebay is another Website for selling photography works.

Sell Photos on Social Media

You can sell your photos on social media if you already have a ready made customer base. Start by informing your followers what is available and always make use of payment sites like PayPal or Shopify.

How to make money as photography Blogger in 2021

Monetize Your Blog

If you’re yet to get your blog and would love to have a professional Website, contact Soulwrite Empire Tech to get one at a good price. But if you have a blog already, check out these guidelines on how to monetize your blog

1. Affiliate advertising:

You can use a plugins like PrettyLinks to generate income from products you mention on your website

2. Display advertising

You can set up using Google Adsense and get paid on every click you get on their ads.

3. Sponsorsored Posts:

You can get paid by companies to write about their products or services on your blog.

Additional Tips

One of the best keys to having a successful blog is organic traffic ( the traffic you get by ranking for keywords on search engines ) and to get high organic traffic, you need to have good SEO tools and good knowledge of SEO.

Another key is by telling your friends and family about your blog and also link to your blog from your social media accounts to get more visitors.

I'm Ikechukwu Gideon, a Linguist by profession, Website programmer and an author with Tipsonfinance Website. I'm passionate about writing and providing useful information to the public.

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