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How to start a photography Blog in 2021

First of all, the best way on how to start a photography Blog in 2021 is to figure out what you want to blog about, what you want to teach others. To make money as a photography Blogger in 2021, there are different topics to cover about photography blogging, business and entrepreneurship, you can pick up any of these and make it your 2021 blogging niche.

The steps to making money in 2021 is unlimited and we can all make it and become millionaires together if we add value to our concept.

How to start a photography Blog in 2021

How to start a photography Blog in 2021

1. Find A Blog Niche
2. Go Opposite
3. Avoid Too Much Editing
4. Write Useful Contents
5. Use the right blogging tools
6. Build your audience
7. Sell your products
8. Build trust
9. Blog consistently
10. Increase your income and reduce your expenses

How to start a photography Blog in 2021

Find a blog niche

I’d advise you find the best photography blog niche in 2021 and go for it. There are thousands of wedding photographers out there but there is only a very few number wedding photography bloggers. This might be a good niche, where you can make it without much competition.

There are few photography bloggers who blog about the basic principles of classic art & design. You can also blog about this niche.

Go opposite

The best step to stand out is to stand out from the crowd, that is going opposite from the trends.

Most photographers are shooting with fancy digital cameras, you can go opposite by shooting only with an iPhone and if everyone is shooting with an iPhone, you shoot with a medium format digital camera. Going opposite will make you stand out from the crowd.

Avoid too much editing

While we were taught in school to always edit our papers, I’d suggest you write blog posts and don’t edit too much.

Your point of writing should be to communicate an idea or a message and not to be eloquent for the sake of it. You only need to edit your text in order to be understood better. You can write with shorter sentences and simpler words, so you will never need to edit your text and you’ll only do some grammars check.

I have always suggested that you write your blog the same way you talk as this will make it more friendly, authentic and genuine.

Write useful Contents

Both Google and researchers are hungry for useful knowledge, so give them the best.

Nobody likes reading things online, where they feel like they’ve wasted their mental brainpower without any Useful gain. So whenever you blog, always try to be as useful as humanly possible.

How to make money as a photography Blogger in 2021 is just by creating ideas which empower people and create more value than you take.

Use the right blogging tools

For beginners who want to start a blog, I recommend using namecheap and WordPress.org and avoid making your blog title too complicated, rather, I suggest firstnamelastname.com or firstnamelastnamephoto.com.

Names are easier to remember by fans when searching for a company or brand. Now you understand why we have names like Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein, or simple titles like Nike, Hermes and Apple. But if your first and last name is complicated, then use another name that is simple and easy to remember.

For photo management, I suggest you use Adobe Lightroom.

For image resizing, use JpegMiniPro (on mac

Very important, to make a living from photography blogging in 2021, you need to be a fast typist. You teach yourself how to type online or buy some program that teaches typing. This will help you forever.

For the best environment to blog, I’d recommend coffee shops or anywhere cool and write your blog posts offline before turning on the wifi to edit the text and add images.

Build an audience

Ask yourself if you would prefer to have 10 page views from serious fans or 1 million page views from passerbys?

As a photography Blogger in 2021, you need die hard fans if you want to make a living from blogging.

For starters, I’d suggest you start by doing a guest blog posts on popular photo websites like Steve Huffs website, Leica Blog, Wiki Commons, Wantedly, Pixellab and many others. Do good blog posts with a link back to your blog.

You can also interview photographers and ask them to help you share the interview with their social network. This will also bring your blog more audience.

How to start a photography Blog in 2021

Sell your products

For a photography blog, I don’t advise putting ads on your blog, unless you are making millions of billions of page views daily. Otherwise, sell your own products.

You can do your workshops for free or for a fee. But don’t over charge. As a starter, you can start with 10 spots, and expand it to more students as you get more popular.

One of the benefits of teaching photography workshops, classes, photography tours is that nobody will be able to pirate your class.

Build trust

As a photography blogger, it is very important to build trust. There are no shortcuts to building trust other than to give your best and work hard.

How to build trust as a photography Blogger

1. Be unapologetically you.
2. Don’t fake it.
3. Don’t censor yourself.

Blog consistently

I have tried blogging for 12-14 hours a day and honestly it wasn’t easy but it’s worth it.

Making money as a photography Blogger is easy and it’s by delivering something of value to others, which can empower them.

Working hard doesn’t mean doing things you don’t want to do instead only do things which you’re interested and curious in.

I'm Ikechukwu Gideon, a Linguist by profession, Website programmer and an author with Tipsonfinance Website. I'm passionate about writing and providing useful information to the public.

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