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How to start catfish farming in South Africa

There are so many information on the internet on how to start catfish farming in South Africa but not all contains detailed information that will assist young aspiring fish farmers on how to get started. Well, I did my best to make this article as detailed as possible with information from several experienced fish farmer.

In Ghana, one of the most sorted after agribusiness is catfish farming as the modern farm practices has made it possible to grow catfish in the farms and also be able to control the input. So if you are still thinking of the best business to start in Ghana, I suggest Catfish Farming.

How to start catfish farming in South Africa
How to start catfish farming in South Africa

Benefits of catfish Farming

1. Catfish is popular
2. It’s one of the major source of protein
3. Catfish sells quick
4. Catfish matures fast
5. Catfish farming is very profitable
6. It’s zero environmental hazard

Catfish is Popular

Catfish farming constitutes more than 60% of meat produce in the Nigerian market today which makes it one of the most profitable agribusiness in Africa today.

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It’s one of the major Source of Protein

Generally, fish is a major source of protein and it is filled with omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins such as D and B2 (riboflavin). Catfish is very rich in calcium and phosphorus.

Catfish Sells Quick

Fish sells faster than any other animal products in most African market and is also cheaper than meats.

Catfish Matures fast

A well feed catfish grows very fast and some farmers increase the fastness of their fish growth by giving them certain feeds that helps you harvest and sell within short period of time.

Catfish Farming is Profitable

With good planning and management, any investment in fish farming could easily result to huge profit within six months.

It’s zero Environmental Hazard

Catfish farming does not cause any environmental hazard unlike poultry farming. You can setup a small fish farm within your backyard if you have enough space without any regulatory precaution.

What are the risks of catfish Farming

1. Catfish farming is sensitive to manage
2. It requires capital
3. Catfish price is very high

Catfish farming is a very sensitive business

Catfish farming is very sensitive business to manage as any slight mistake can result to degenerated death of your fishes which may cause massive revenue loss.

It requires capital

Catfish farming requires huge capital to start up than poultry and snail farming. It also requires more careful planning and much capital input.

Catfish price is very high

Because of the high cost of production, the price of catfish produced in farms is higher than those caught from the rivers by fishermen. But because of the large number of sellers in the market, buyers prefer to go for cheaper ones.

Types Of Fish You Can Farm in Africa

Now that you have known some of the benefits of catfish farming and the risks involved in it, it’s time to know the types of fish one can easily farm in Nigeria and the best species.

1. Catfish
2. Tilapia
3. Titus


Catfish may not be the most popular fish in Africa but it’s the most cultivated in Nigeria and also the easiest fish species to cultivate in Nigeria.


Tilapia fish is one of the most popular fish in aquaculture industry, very easy to farm and very popular in Africa market.


Titus fish is not home farmed as they’re wild caught in salty water. Well, time will tell if it can be farmed domestically. Until then, focus on catfish and tilapia fish.

How to start catfish farming in South Africa

How to start catfish farming in South Africa.

1. Get a land
2. Erect ponds
3. Dig a borehole
4. Go for Juvenile fish

Get a land

Since catfish doesn’t cause any environmental hazard, any spacious land will be good to start with. You can rent one or buy depending on the capacity you wants to operate on.

Erect Ponds

You may want to consult the service of expert pond construction engineer or get the specification and construction requirements from already set up fish farm.

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Dig up a Borehole

Water is to be changed on regular interval as it is the life of catfish and natural sources of water such as borehole and river water is the most suitable. Avoid tap water that’s chemically treated

Go for Juvenile catfish

You can buy juvenile catfish from farms that deals in supplying it. But go for the high yield specie of catfish or tilapia.

Additional Tips

In catfish farming, your capital is at stake so make sure you have enough funds before starting one.

Also, I recommend you get a good business plan and following it to the later with good management skill and the acceptable standard.

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