Income Tax Return Filing Deadline Extended to March 15

Income Tax Return Filing Deadline Extended to March 15 – TipsOnFinance

The government has extended the deadline for filing income tax returns for the assessment year 2021-2022 until March 15. Earlier, the deadline was December 31. The extension was due to a technical glitch in the e-filing portal.

However, the new portal, launched by Infosys, is expected to improve processing time for tax returns and facilitate faster refunds. The extension has come at the right time for taxpayers who are already struggling with the filing process.

In a recent announcement, the government also extended the filing deadline for corporate income tax returns and audit reports until February 15. These deadlines had previously expired on October 31 and November 30, respectively.

As a result of the extension, the deadline for corporate tax audit reports and income tax returns has been extended to February 15, 2022. The deadlines for these documents were originally January 31, 2020 and December 31, 2021, respectively.

The extension of the income tax return filing deadline came at the right time. Earlier, the due date for the income tax return was December 31 of the previous year. But, due to the problem and problems with e-filing audit reports, the government has pushed back these dates to March 15.

As a result, businesses can now submit their tax returns earlier than expected. This is a great relief for those who have not yet filed their taxes.

The extended deadline for income tax returns will be effective from the new date of January 15, 2022. The extension will not apply to S corporations, partnerships, LLCs that are treated as partnerships, or payroll tax deposits.

The extension will not extend the deadline for claims due on April 15, 2020. While the federal extension is a good thing for taxpayers, it does not change state tax deadlines. Many states are providing relief to their residents in response to the federal extension.

The new income tax return filing deadline has been extended by the central government. The original deadline was December 31 but now, it has been extended until March 15 for corporate tax returns and transfer pricing transactions.

Earlier, the deadline for filing income tax returns had been set to be December 31, 2021. The delay was due to difficulties in e-filing for various reasons, including the situation. As a result, many taxpayers are now experiencing problems with their returns.

The central government has extended the deadline for filing income tax returns. Earlier, the deadline had been December 31 of 2021. The extension is due to issues with the electronic filing system. The tax office is continuing to work on the issue.

In the meantime, it is imperative to complete your returns. If you haven’t filed your income tax returns, you can file them online. This way, you’ll have the time to prepare for the new financial year.

The government has extended the deadlines for various reports of audit, including the and transfer pricing audit report. The extension means that the deadline for filing these reports is now March 15. And, it is important to note that the deadlines for filing individual income tax returns have also been extended for the various audit reports. The government is trying to ease the burden on taxpayers by allowing them to file their returns online.

The extension comes at a critical time. There are still some glitches in the online income tax filing system. It has been a long time since the government extended the deadlines for filing returns, but it is important to remember that the deadlines are not fixed yet. The IRS has a deadline of October 31 for filing individual income tax returns, but it is still possible to file yours on the first day of April.

The new income tax filing deadline has been extended to March 15 as the government tries to ensure that people can complete their returns on time. The deadline for corporate income tax returns was originally October 31, and the transfer pricing audit report was November 30.

Now, it has been extended to February 15, and all the required documents have been submitted to the government. The new due dates are not only convenient for taxpayers, but they’re also more secure and faster than before.

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