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Skin side effects of molato soap, molato oil

Skin side effects of molato soap usually depends on your choice of recipes. Using the wrong molato recipe can cause more harm than good in damaging the skin tissues.

Most of skincare brands in the market today will tell you that that good skincare is feeling fresh skin after having a proper wash but a good skin care goes beyond washing off those nasty dirt and oils that could block the skin pores. Having a good skin involves using good soap to ensure that no trace of oil or dead skin is left.

Using molato soap for bathing may sound good until the day the you start to realize your skin is not only tight but dry and inflamed with other side effects of molato soap.

Skin side effects of molato soap, molato oil

What is Molato soap?

Normally, soaps are meant to remove dirt, sweat sebum and oils from the skin but using the wrong recipes like surfactants, chemical agents will not only wash off dirts away but will leave some negative side effects on your skin. Skin side effects of molato soap goes from peeling off the skin epidermis thereby exposing the skin to cancer and other skin related infections.

Molato soap is normally used as a washing detergents, wetting agents, foaming agents, conditioning agents, emulsifiers and solubilizers but some skincare brands goes the way of mixing shampoo and other harsh oils.

Some molato soap recipes are meant to leave the skin feeling fresh and clean but it’s not always the case as some of these recipes have severe skin side effects like skin dryness, redness of the skin and also undermining the skin’s natural barrier function thereby making toxins, bacteria and other unhealthy substances to be able to penetrate deeper into the skin where they can do long term damage.

Skin side effects of molato soap, molato oil

Skin side effects of molato soap

The skin epidermis is made up of layers of dead protein cells that are constantly being shed and once a single layer of keratinocytes reaches the outermost layer, they become corneocytes, making the cells to lose its nucleus and cytoplasm and becomes hard and dry. Some recipes used in Molato soap bind to these proteins and over hydrate them, causing them to swell in order to allow the ingredients to easily penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin where they get to affect the nerve endings and the immune system itself which will lead to itching and irritation.

After bathing, the corneocytes become even drier than ever as the surfactants effectively strip the skin of its natural moisturizing factor.

The outer skin layer of epidermis also contains some lipids that helps the skin to retain Its moisture. While the skin side effects of molato soap on these fat cells is still not fully understood, we believed that surfactants are able to get in between and disrupt the lipid bilayers which are fat cells that surround and provide a protective barrier for all cells.

When the lipid bilayers are damaged, the cells become more permeable and vulnerable to damage.

In addition, another skin side effects of molato soap is that it can cause damage to the lipid structures themselves.

We divide molato soap recipes into 2 categories soap; the based surfactants & synthetic and the detergent based surfactants also known as syndets.

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