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Top 5 Best Dropship Suppliers & Companies in Malaysia 2021

This article is for those who are ready to start dropshipping in Malaysia. I hope you capitalize on these top 5 Best Dropship Suppliers & Companies in Malaysia 2021 and their fast delivery services to give your dropship business in Malaysia in 2021 to another height.

Malaysia dropshipping industry is a fast growing market with great cheap foreign online marketplaces that offers many business opportunities especially in Ecommerce sector which has become a part of the daily life of Malaysians. But despite all these, ecommerce in Malaysia is still faced with some challenges. The sector requires those with rich experience on how to drive consumer to purchase, professional team, and even money. All these contributed to the reason why retailers are now taking their businesses to the online ecommerce through the third parties like Esgesee, SummerGlity.com.my and many others.

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Most Malaysian sellers import products from China only to resell in Malaysia marketplace at the affordable price. However these retailers don’t have any inventory.

What are the benefits of dropshipping with Malaysia dropship companies?

1. Low capital investment costs
2. You don’t need an inventory to keep stock
3. You pick your product and the dropshipper pack and ship for you

It may interest you to know that some of the Suppliers can be located in Malaysia or from any parts of the world and these suppliers have their own good and disadvantages.

Top 5 Best Dropship Suppliers & Companies in Malaysia 2021

Top 5 Best Dropship Suppliers & Companies in Malaysia 2021

1. Save Value Mart
2. Esgesee
3. SummerGlity.com.my
4. Perniagaan Jam May May

Top 5 Best Dropship Suppliers & Companies in Malaysia 2021

Save Value Mart

This dropship company is a well known Malaysia based dropship supplier and company. The company is working towards being the most recognized name in the Malaysia dropship industry by building trust and good reputation by all their clients. Save Value Mart offers different dropship Malaysia free products like electrical products, cosmetics and car accessories with affordable prices. In addition, Save Value Mart pays great attention during the delivery stage to ensure that the delivered products are received in good condition.

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Esgesee is a wholesale drophsip supplier in Malaysia. Their site contains different types of Korean ladies clothing. The company also provides you with a network of the top retail outlets and Korean fashion wholesalers to buy from with affordable prices and they guarantee a timely delivery with a tracking number.


SummerGlity.com.my is an online fashion wholesale company that deals in trending and fashionable maternity clothes. They offers a wide range of baby accessories, women’s clothing, and many more.

They offer over 5,000 different products, available at at all times. Another interesting feature of this site is that they refresh their collection on monthly basis with new arrivals.

Perniagaan Jam May May

Perniagaan Jam May May is a Malaysian based wholesale drophsip supplier of clocks, watches and many more. They’re offering a dropship Malaysia free program for their customers as the internet price intended for their agents represents the lowest price possible with the lowest acceptable margin for them. Please note that Perniagaan Jam May May currently provides dropshipping services only to customers in Malaysia due to the global pandemic.

Observations from Malaysia dropship industry

It may interest you to know that dropshipping business in Malaysia is still in growing and it’s limited by many factors like the e-commerce industry, international trading business and basic shipping facilities. Currently, they’re lacking many suppliers, companies and websites there.

Top 5 Best Dropship Suppliers & Companies in Malaysia 2021

Where Can I Find the Best Wholesale Dropshippers outside Malaysia?

At first sight, the Malaysia dropship suppliers would seem like the best for investments but this isn’t completely true as there are many challenges that has been identified with Malaysia. These challenges includes lack of a major merchandise exporter and also, Malaysia’s logistics and transportation options haven’t fully matured.

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When it comes to dropship items from China to Malaysia, most sellers would go for Alibaba considering that it’s the biggest wholesale website in China and a platform providing a place for suppliers and buyers.

Additional Tips

I have been able to state out the opportunities and challenges facing the dropshipping industry in Malaysia. And also, listed the top 5 best dropship suppliers & companies in Malaysia 2021 for you to choose from according to your own preference.

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